At Centermac, we understand buying or selling a home is a big investment decision that an average person ever has to make in his life. There are important legal and tax implications to each transaction.

Our agents counsel sellers and buyers, particularly those from overseas who are unfamiliar with how real estate sales transactions work in the US and are looking for someone who can give them proper guidance and to give them a peace of mind on a big investment and to ensure the deal closes smoothly with their interests adequately protected.

Getting the best deals in real estate and making the right decisions start with getting the best representation from team of experienced, responsible, and knowledgeable realtors.

The Centermac team brings you the right combination of experience and knowledge to get the job done.

In 2005, Kenny Tan,a real estate attorney formed a company called Centermac Realty, Inc. (“Centermac”). As the CEO of Centermac, he now leads a team of over 60 realtors who share the same beliefs as Kenny’s. His entire team is committed to delivering to you real estate services with unparalleled integrity and professionalism.

Centermac means “The Center of Money and Cash”. Our goal is help you build wealth and prosperity through investment in real estate so you and your family can feel secured about your future. Please do us and yourself a favor by contacting us now. We are just a phone call away. Call Now And Start Building Your Wealth!